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Destin Florida Golf Cart Rentals.

Ready for some fun? Destin Carts is here to make your next family vacation to Destin Florida one to remember. PARK YOUR CAR. Rent a golf cart! These street legal, 6 person electric golf carts will make taking your gang to the beach a blast! Going for ice cream with the kids? Take the golf cart! Going shopping for souvenirs? Take the golf cart. Going to your favorite Destin Restaurant? Take the golf cart. You can drive these golf carts on any street in Destin that are 35 mph or less. You will not regret this choice! Destin Florida golf cart rentals are FAST and EASY to book, online at Destin Carts.

Destin Florida Golf Cart Rentals

Golf CartFeatures

Brand new "HDK" LSV's (Low Speed Vehicles) are ready for you to rent! These are 6 person electric "Golf Carts". Ride safely with street legal features like brake lights, turn signals, seat belts, windshield wiper, horn, rear view and side mirrors. Rent your Destin themed Golf Cart today!

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Destin Florida Golf Cart Rentals

Street LegalGolf Carts

Your Destin Golf Cart can be driven on any road in Destin Florida with a posted speed limit of 35 MPH or less. You can legally cross streets and highways with speed limits greater then 35 MPH. This will allow you to visit the local shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants and bowling alley. View the map of of some of the most popular areas and streets that you can visit in your very own Destin
Golf Cart.

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147 Professional Place, Destin, Florida 32550 US